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Selecting speakers for the bedroom

What’s better than dozing off to soothing classical music, or waking up to the charged rhythms of a rock band? If you answered, “Nothing,” to either of these questions, you’re ready for some great bedroom speakers.

When you’ve got the room 
When there’s enough space in the room, floor-standing or bookshelf loudspeakers are preferred because they offer the best sound quality and are relatively easy to install. If your speakers are to be part of a complete audio/video system, just make sure there’s room for the speakers along side of the TV. There’s nothing more unnatural than watching people on TV with their voices simultaneously coming from another direction. It’s just weird.

To hide or not to hide
When space is at a premium, or if you simply want the speakers to be hidden, consider in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. They offer quality sound that blends beautifully with the room décor. And while you’re at it, consider some in-ceiling speakers for the master bathroom too.

Home theater for the bedroom
If you love watching movies in bed, and who doesn’t, you’ll want surround sound speakers. One of our most popular speaker choices for bedroom surround sound is the sound bar. It’s is a single speaker that takes the place of the normal three front speakers, or in some models, an entire five-speaker surround sound system. They’re simple to install and take up a lot less room than separate speakers. We also often recommend in-ceiling speakers for bedroom surround sound, especially for the rear channel, since there’s rarely much room behind a bed to mount speakers.

Take the next step
Give us call, or click for help. A Sound Advice expert will help you select the perfect speakers for your bedroom. And then we’ll install it all to perfection, something we have been doing for longer than anyone else.

Testimonials from our great customers

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Mike J

“When we arrived home the TV was on the wall and the music was playing…  Great Service”

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