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Selecting speakers for the den

Selecting speakers for the Den  
For dens, family rooms and great rooms, casual family entertainment is the name of the game. When selecting speakers for this comfortable room, you’ll want to ask yourself three questions: where you want them, how much space is available, and what kind of sound do you want?

Where do you want the speakers to go? 
Do you want them on the floor? How about on a bookshelf? Or maybe hidden in the walls or up in the ceiling? There are lots of places you can put speakers in a den, but our experience tells us that the smaller sized or completely hidden speakers are the most popular. But if you’re a real audiophile and most of your listening is done in the den, don’t impose too many limitations because the best speakers are usually not the smallest.

How much space do you have.
If you have a lot of room on a bookshelf, go with one of our quality bookshelf speakers. You’ll be amazed at how good they can sound. If there’s not much available space on the bookshelf, you might try one of our three-piece subwoofer/satellite speaker systems. The satellites are super-tiny and can fit in the tightest spaces.

What kind of sound?
Are you just a casual listener? Or do you really, really love good music? Sound Advice has den speakers that accommodate both extremes, and everything in between.

Floor standing speakers
Our very best speakers are floor standing models. In general, they provide superior bass response as well as better imaging (the ability to pinpoint exactly where the sound is coming from). Of course, they are also bigger and take up some floor space, which sometimes can be problematic.

Bookshelf speakers
Take a floor standing speaker and shrink it down in size to fit on a shelf. That’s a bookshelf speaker. The downside is that the bass they reproduce is not as deep and rich as its bigger brothers, but they can be easily placed on a shelf—a huge advantage in many dens.

In-wall and in-ceiling speakers
In smaller dens, or if you simply want the speakers hidden away, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are a great solution. The latest models are great improved and really sound good, and when installed correctly give the room a clean appearance.

Invisible speakers
In-wall or in-ceiling speakers still not stealth enough for your? Try our invisible speakers. They completely disappear into the wall. Believe it!

Take the next step
Sound Advice has more experience installing den speakers than anyone else. Call us or click for help, and team up with one of our experts to put together exactly what you’re looking for.

Testimonials from our great customers

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