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selecting speakers for the living room

Selecting Speakers for a Living Room  
The living room is the focal point of your home’s interior. It makes a statement about you, your family, and your view of the world. Integrating speakers into this environment requires a special sensitivity. Blending in with the décor and architecture is usually the primary concern. But keep in mind that the living room is often used for entertaining, so you’re going to want provide your guests with quality sound. Putting all this together might seem difficult at first, but rest assured that Sound Advice has the right solutions— speakers that not only sound great, but also comfortably blend in with fine furnishings.

Designer-friendly speakers   
How would you like to have your cake and eat it too? Well, we can show you how. For example, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, also known as architectural speakers, install directly in your walls and ceilings. After we them to match the room’s color, they virtually disappear into the décor.

Fabulous sound can look good too
Architectural speakers from the top brands offer truly superb sound performance. At Sound Advice, we audition new ones all the time and we’re constantly amazed at how great they are. The technology in a good quality architectural speaker now mimics that of the finest conventional box speakers. Those days of cheap, flimsy commercial PA speakers are thankfully over, at least at here at Sound Advice.

Go entirely invisible
There’s a new category of living room speakers that when installed are completely, 100% invisible.

Hide them on a shelf
Sound Advice also offers many quality speakers that comfortably sit on a shelf. Choose from three-piece subwoofer/satellite speaker systems or conventional two-piece bookshelf speaker systems. Either way, you’ll enjoy superb sound that’s easy on the budget and simple to install.

Be bold and show them off
Our very best speakers are the large floor-standing models. Before you dismiss them as being obtrusive, keep in mind that many are actually quite handsome and boast designs that can complement the furnishings around them. Also, many floor-standing speakers have been designed to have as small a footprint as possible, freeing up valuable living room floor space. If you’re really into great sound, keep floor-standing speakers in mind for your living room.

Want more info?
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Testimonials from our great customers

“Sound Advice gave us a simple remote with only a few buttons that is very simple to use. The competition tried selling us a complicated All-In-One remote.”

Mike J

“When we arrived home the TV was on the wall and the music was playing…  Great Service”

Sandra M

“We have used Sound Advice in multiple homes over the years.  And now They manage our family business technologies.  Another successful experience”

Mark S

“Speechless.  Our new Sony Laser Projector has an amazing picture and the kids actually use it.”