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Samsung frame TV flat screen mounting

Flat Screen TV Mounting Systems 
Your new OLED TV, flat-panel plasma, LED, or LCD TV probably comes with a table stand. If you’re going to install the TV on a stand or tabletop, you’re all set. But if you want the TV mounted on a wall, you’re going to need some sort of wall mounting system, and it’s rarely included with the TV.

Fit to size
When selecting a wall mount for your TV, the most important consideration is that it fits your particular TV. The wall mount has to be specifically designed to accommodate the TV’s mount fastening arrangement, plus the size and weight of the TV. That’s why the list of different wall mounts is so extensive. There are literally hundreds of different models and variations. And one mistake can be costly. You certainly don’t want your expensive TV to drop from the wall to become a pile of ex-TV bits and pieces. Your Sound Advice system designer can be of great help. Our experts are experienced in this arena and will be able to recommend the right wall mount for your TV.

Flat wall mounts
This is your basic wall mounting system. One of these allows the TV to be securely mounted on a sturdy wall. They position the TV as close to the wall as possible in order to maintain a nice, clean look.

Tilting flat wall mounts
You can add a tilting feature to a flat wall mount. If the TV is to be mounted high on the wall, a slight downward tilt can make a huge difference in viewing comfort and picture quality.

Tilting and swiveling wall mounts
In addition to the tilting, TV mounting systems can also provide the convenience of a swivel. If the TV is mounted in a large room with multiple seating areas, being able to swivel the TV towards the viewers can be a big advantage.

Articulating wall mounts
Let’s say you want to mount a flat-panel TV in a kitchen/great room. It’s a pretty big space. But usually when the TV is mounted where it can be seen from the kitchen, you can’t see it in the great room, or vice versa. An articulating wall mount solves this problem. A series of sturdy arms enable the TV to be moved and positioned so no matter where you’re sitting, the TV can be pointed towards you. And when the TV’s not in use, it can be pushed back flat against the wall—a great solution.

Want to learn more?
Just give us a call or ask for online help. A Sound Advice expert will sort through all the details and come up with the exact TV mounting solution for your situation. This is an important decision; don’t leave it to the amateurs.

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