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Lighting and Curtain Control 
Sound Advice is proud to offer Lutron lutron Radio RA3, caseta, Homeworks and Ketra.    Part of the home theater experience is dimming the lights. There’s a sense of drama when the room gradually darkens. Anticipation is in the air. A special event is about to happen. At Sound Advice, we believe that automating room lighting into the rest of the home theater is an important part of the magic. And we don’t have to stop in the home theater. Whole-house automated lighting systems add convenience and security to your home. Let’s take at brief look at what they’re all about.

Automated lighting systems
In my home theater, when I press the play button on the remote, the first thing that happens is the lights begin to dim. An electronic dimming device was installed in the wall that controls all of the overhead lighting, plus a table lamp. The dimmer was carefully programmed to reach total darkness exactly when the movie starts. I have to admit, it’s pretty cool.

Sometime in the future, I’d love to wire the entire house for automated lighting. A press of a single button as I enter the front door, will create a preset lighting scenario for the entire house. And when it’s time to head upstairs, another press lights the hallway and bedroom, while extinguishing all of the downstairs lighting, except the lights that I want to remain on for security. And when I leave for a few days, the lights can turn on automatically and then change at different times, just like when I’m home—great for home security.

Automated window treatments
Just about any kind of window treatment today can be motorized and controlled by a wireless remote. Sound Advice will then integrate that window treatment into the rest of your home’s electronics. Let’s say the midday sun is shining through the bedroom window and you want to watch a little TV. A press of a button can close the blinds, turn the TV on, and switch the cable box to your favorite station.

Sound Advice will partner with your designer
We have years of experience working with the area’s top design professionals. Take advantage of it. Call or click help today to arrange a Free In-Home Consultation. You’ll be amazed at all we can do with automated home lighting.



Metal, graphite, or glass. We start by imagining the experience, then choose the materials that will accentuate that experience.


Crafted with authentic materials that bare the marks of artisanship. Engineered to be powerfully simple to use.

Testimonials from our great customers

“Sound Advice gave us a simple remote with only a few buttons that is very simple to use. The competition tried selling us a complicated All-In-One remote.”

Mike J

“When we arrived home the TV was on the wall and the music was playing…  Great Service”

Sandra M

“We have used Sound Advice in multiple homes over the years.  And now They manage our family business technologies.  Another successful experience”

Mark S

“Speechless.  Our new Sony Laser Projector has an amazing picture and the kids actually use it.”