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Selecting Speakers for Outdoors 
Whether its lounging by the pool or entertaining guests with a barbecue, outdoor speakers help create a fun and inviting environment. But it’s much different on the patio than it is in the living room. Outdoor speakers must be able to handle all that Mother Nature can dish out; so specialized weatherproofing is a must. Also, you don’t want speakers that stick out like a sore thumb in your carefully maintained landscaping. Blending in with the flora and fauna calls for something a bit different from the norm.



Wall-mounted outdoor speakers
The most common type of outdoor speaker is the wall mount. They’re much like a conventional speakers, but they’ve been designed to handle the rigors of the outdoor environment. A bracket is attached to a wall or under an eave and the speaker mounts to it. The mount usually has a swivel so the speaker can be pointed to provide even and smooth sound coverage over the listening area.

Rocks, planters, and whatever else they can think of
Rock speakers have a cabinet that’s shaped and finished to look like real rock. Spread out in a garden or around the pool, they blend in with the landscaping while providing an enjoyable listening experience. You also might want to consider planter speakers. They double as real planters, so the elegance and beauty of live foliage comes together with great sound.

Add a weatherproof TV and create an outdoor home theater
Take you outdoor entertainment to the next level. Video projector with a special weatherized screen installed in the back yard is a great way to entertain family and guests who come over to watch the big game, a hit movie, or whatever. Or add a simple weatherized thin-panel TV in the poolside bar or tike hut. If quality outdoor speakers are integrated with the TV, it’s like going to the movie theater, but you’re still in your bathing suit.

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