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Home Networking with Ubiquiti networks

One of the important design considerations Sound Advice wants you to understand is that we are trying to get a hard wire ethernet connection to each one of your streaming video devices.  What that gets you is quickness when streaming video like you have not experienced.  INSTANT…    NO BUFFERING…    ALWAYS HD….     2024

A home network is the backbone of today’s home technology.  Like Air conditioning and Gas, the Internet is a utility that needs to perform 100% of the time. 

We choose Ubiquiti Networks because…

they are an American owned Electronics company.  A little more about Ubiquiti below….


streaming video, working from home, back yard/garage are no problem

provide perfect WiFi

Testimonials from our great customers

“Sound Advice gave us a simple remote with only a few buttons that is very simple to use. The competition tried selling us a complicated All-In-One remote.”

Mike J

“When we arrived home the TV was on the wall and the music was playing…  Great Service”

Sandra M

“We have used Sound Advice in multiple homes over the years.  And now They manage our family business technologies.  Another successful experience”

Mark S

“Speechless.  Our new Sony Laser Projector has an amazing picture and the kids actually use it.”